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What are the benefits of working with ASK Land Title Services, LLC for your abstracting needs?
  • Dependability of relying on a team of trained professionals for accurate and efficient title examinations.
  • Ability to have one point of contact for your title examinations in New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.
  • Reasonable prices to help you keep your costs in line.
  • Efficiency of online ordering, tracking and delivery of your examinations.
  • Top notch professionals fully trained to complete your work order.
  • Online title orders and abstract delivery.
  • Accuracy is critical in our business and we take it very seriously.
  • Speedy delivery of your orders when you need them.
  • Knowledgeable professionals available to take on your large projects.
Choose from the following search types:

Document Retrieval
Any document recorded in the respective registry in our coverage area can be retrieved per your specifications. This service can be achieved within hours in most cases.

Current Owner
This search begins with the vesting deed of the current owner. Copies of encumbrances and liens will be provided based on your copy specifications. This service can be provided within 28-48 hours or same day as needed.

This search type will include one ownership behind that of the current record owner. Copies of encumbrances and lien will be provided based on your copy specifications.

Developer Search
This search type will begin with the vesting deed into the developer of the subdivision or in the case of a condominium from the Declarant’s vesting deed forward and will include copies based on your copy specifications. Copy of the Condominium documents may be provided if you require them.

Full Title Search
Full title searches are performed based on the standards of the state that the property is located in. Copies will be provided based on your copy specifications.

Asset Search
Any individual or entity can be searched at the registry level to determine what property is currently owned, if any. This search type includes researching the grantee index to determine all property the individual has acquired in a particular county. This type of examine will reveal properties listed under the individual’s name or an entity name as long as the source of title was not a Probate. Only properties that the individual or entity owns that are listed in the grantee index will be reported.

Update and Records
Our team is available daily to record your closings documents. We will update the title and record your instruments per your specifications. See Frequently Asked Questions for shipping information.

Probate Searches
A Probate abstract can be acquired from the Registry of Probate for a specific deceased individual. We can supply copies of the files as requested. A probate search without an accompany exam is billed separately.

Tax Information
Tax information is not available at the registry level. However, we are able to contact the Town to obtain the tax information requested. We are only limited by the hours of operation of the local towns